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Why did I create SportsWatcherss?

SportsWatcherss is something that I would’ve never dreamed of starting. But like anything in life, nothing stays the same forever.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, I grew up quickly falling in with sports, especially basketball and football. I was able to play throughout my youth, all the way through high school. Although I had the dream to take sports all the way up to the highest level, I was in love with sports games equally as much. Each fall I would purchase the newest Madden, NBA Live (which was better than 2K at that time), and NCAA Football. As I grew older, my curiosity grew as to how the game was made? How are players created? How are they able to move? What triggers the computer to move whenever I move a player? That sparked my interest in technology. Growing up, I decided my backup plan would be to become a computer animator for EA Sports.

As life continued to take place, I knew that my heart was and still is into sports and technology. With that being said, I have passion to make a positive impact while blending these two passions of mine together. After much thought, I decided to mix them all by creating SportsWatcherss.

I made SportsWatcherss a sports store that allows small businesses to sell their items on purpose. I really want to make a positive impact on people’s lives and one of the ways that can be done is by helping others succeed with their products. There are so many awesome sports items online, but no central place where people can go to look for them. While there may be large marketplaces that people can sell on, there’s not a single website  that’s committed to seeing sports related items made for and by people with the love for sports. This is why SportsWatcherss came about: to create a place where there are passionate people can sell and buy from with the love of sports.

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Facebook and the MLB make a Streaming Deal


With the season in full swing, the MLB and Facebook made a deal in which 25 games will be exclusively streamed on Facebook. This deal is huge, as a few major social media sites are vying for a chance to have games streamed on their platforms. Last year, Twitter had NFL games streamed on their platform. Now, this year, Facebook is taking their turn.


Facebook gets one game a week, on Wednesdays. These games will features different teams, so look for your local listings to see if your team’s game will be on. “We’re excited to extend our partnership with Major League Baseball to Facebook Watch a home for exclusive, live games every week this season.” Look for new special features and things going on during these streams.



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SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace that specializes in sports art, fitness wear, and technology. For more products , check out our homepage.

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How Sports Gambling will increase revenue

As most of you now know, the Supreme Court overturned a ban on sports gambling. With this in mind, I’m sure people are asking alot of questions: When can I start? Are the states now in charge of the rules? Will a percentage of my bets be taken by the leagues I’m betting on?


Sports Gambling

Sports Gamble was mostly legally done in Nevada until now. After being deemed illegal for so long, the time has finally come for it to be legal. According to Mark Cuban, the top teams “will see their teams double in revenue”. As time moves forward, we will be looking to see how leagues and state work together to legislate sports betting. As for now, leagues like the WNBA are partnering with websites such as FanDuel. We will have to wait and see.

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Intel Upgrades their VR

Every company nowadays is trying to find a way to get in VR and AR. Intel is finding their way by using True VR. During the Intel Global Summit in Palm Springs, California. True VR has been used to capture content from the MLB, and NBA. Camera pods with 12 cameras each, has allowed for the VR experience to be what it was.

SportsWatcherss for Intel TV Technology.

According to  , the new Pana Cast live on 6 cameras in each pod. “The system is built for both indoor and outdoor, and content can either be streamed live, or recorded for on-demand sharing later”.

SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace for sports art and fitness wear. Bought by you. Sold by you.

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NBA Conference Finals Predictions

East Winner: Cavaliers in 7

As well as Boston has played, it’s simply hard to bet against LeBron. People betted on him against the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, so the Boston Celtics are hard to completely go hard. Not saying, they can’t do it. But one thing to we should know: don’t count out the King.


West Winner: Warriors in 6

This should be a great conference finals. Alot of 3’s , alot of scoring and alot of running. With that being said, the Warriors have 4 all-stars , and the Rockets 2 all-stars will need to have amazing run in order to dethrone the champs. This should be a really close and entertaining series.


SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace for sports art and fitness wear. Bought by you. Sold by you.

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Eximious Apparel Fitness Interview

Earlier this week, we interview one of our wonderful fitness vendors: Eximious Apparel. In our discussion, we discovered how their business started, why they chose this job over others, and more. The entire interview reads below:
Q: So how did your business get started?

A; We had a vision to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves so we decided to act on it.

Q:How did you know this was your passion?

A:We were always into helping others become better.

Q:What is the best part/worse part of being an entrepreneur?

A:The best part is seeing satisfaction when you help another person. The worst part is convincing others that your products are worth purchasing

Q:What made you choose this profession over any other job?

A:It’s something we strongly enjoy. We have a lot of fun with it.

Q:Where do you see your business in 5 years?

A:Hopefully extremely successful and one of the biggest clothing brands in the market

Q: What advice do you give to others wanting to do what you do?

A: Have a sense of urgency and keep striving.


SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace for sports art and fitness wear. Bought by you. Sold by you.

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Ken Karl – SportsWatcherss Artist

Earlier this week, we interviewed one of the most talented sellers here at SportsWatcherss; An artist by the name of Ken Karl. We asked Ken a few questions about his passion for art, the best and worst part of being an entrepreneur, and more.
For more information, read the interview below:
Q: So how did your business get started?

A: I have always loved sports and I have always loved art. At an early age, I loved drawing my favorite athletes as I followed their careers. The more I drew them, the better I tried to draw them. I took the next natural step sharing them with other sports fans. I set up a website and began posting my work on Instagram and Facebook.

Q: How did you know this was your passion? 

A: I have always loved to draw and I have always loved sports. Once I started drawing, I was always looking for new things to draw that interested me. Each piece I created, challenged me to create even more interesting artwork. To this day, I’m ready to start the next piece before I finish the one I am currently working on.

Q: What is the best part/worse part of being an entrepreneur?

A: The best part is that you get to make your own decisions on what you create. If I’m honest, you also get to collect the compensation for what you create. All those late hours are easier to grind away at when you know you get the entire check at the completion of the project. The WORST part is knowing you have a great project but you can’t figure out how to market and get it to the masses.

Q: What made you choose this profession over any other job?

A:  Choosing this profession was easy for me. I love to draw, period. I enjoy each and every piece I create. I enjoy all the challenges, good and bad, each project creates for me. I also enjoy the look in each customers eyes the moment they first see the final project. It is a great feeling creating something for someone else that helps them remember a special time, event, or person. The satisfaction I receive from this is priceless.

Q: Where do you see your business in 5 years?

A: To be honest, I try not to look too far ahead. That may not be the best business strategy  I know, but that is how I have to do it. The most difficult and frustrating part of all this, is how difficult it is to market my work to the right people. I just keep trying to grind as an artist day in and day out. I keep trying to create better art on every project. I feel that if I can keep concentrating on the process of creating better art on each every piece, the rest will take care of itself… at least I hope.

Q: What advice do you give to others wanting to do what you do?
A:  I’m not sure I am the best person to ask about this. If I had to tell them anything, I would tell them to stay with it. Keep grinding and believe in themselves, especially on the days when you wonder if your career will ever take off. Stay focused on creating better art and keep pushing yourself to create better artwork, each and every project.
SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace for sports art and fitness wear. Bought by you. Sold by you.
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Steph Curry has Film & TV Deal with Sony

Steph Curry’s empires continues to grow. Stephen Curry has recently signed a production and development deal that covers film and TV. Under Curry’s film company, Unanimous  Media, TV products mainly about faith, family, and sports. In addition to film and TV projects, opportunities in virtual reality will take place. This will be Sony’s biggest deal ever made with an athlete.


Congrats, Steph!


SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace for sports art and fitness wear. Bought by you. Sold by you.

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NBA Award Predictions

As the regular season winds down, it’s time to predict the NBA regular season awards. Here are our predictions:

Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons

While the race has mainly been between Simmons and Mitchel (along with Jayson Tatum and Lauri Markkanen), we believe the late season push by Simmons has separated him from the pack. Averaging a triple-double during their 14-game win streak, Simmons has proven to be a great rookie and a future all-star.

Most Valuable Player: James Harden

The time has finally come for Harden to win this award. He’s finished top 5 in MVP voting the past 3 – 4 years, and it seems to have motivated him to only get better. This year, he’s been the best player on the best team record wise. Although LeBron James has been nothing short of spectacular, we believe this will be James’ time.

Defensive Player of the Year: Rudy Gobert

Rudy has done it before and can do it again. Being one of the biggest defensive forces in the league night in and night out, we see him winning this award again.

Sixth Man of the Year: Lou Williams

Williams has had one heck of a year. Averaging a career high 22 ppg and just over 5 assist while coming off the bench, this is a no brainer.

Most Improved Player of the Year: Victor Oladipo

No one saw this one coming before the start of the season. Oladipo improved his game tremendously. Hitting career highs in ppg, assist, and rebounds, Oladipo proved he can be the lead man on a winning team. In addition, he lead the league in steals, averaging 2.5 steals per game.

Coach of the Year: Dwane Casey

Toronto has had great regular seasons the past few years, and Dwane Casey is one of the reasons why. He has the best scoring bench in the league, which has helped Toronto earn the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. With the depth that they have, look for Toronto to make a deep run in the playoffs.



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What is SportsWatcherss?


What is SportsWatcherss? What’s the purpose of it?Well, let me give you a quick explanation of what SportsWatcherss is. SportsWatcherss is online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell sports items. The main categories on our site is: sports art, sports clothing, and sports equipment/technology. Based in Miami, FL, SportsWatcherss is built very similar to the likes of eBay or Amazon.


SportsWatcherss was created to accomplish a number of things: 1) create a platform that consumers can find a collection of sports items that they would not find anywhere else. 2) Create a platform that independent sports vendors to have a website to sell their special items on. 3) To improve the way users shop online with mobile devices.

  1. Creating a platform that consumers can find a collection of sports items that they would not find anywhere else.

SportsWatcherss provides consumers with a collection of items that was made to provide users stuff they would not have seen. We have things from art of legendary athletes such as Ken Griffey Jr and Emmitt Smith, all the way to products to keep your head cool. As a company our goal is to be the first place people think about when they are looking for special sports items. Wether it be for birthdays, anniversaries, or just adding to their lives, every item that our vendors sell is intended to benefit the lives of our customers.

2. Create a platform that independent sports vendors to have a website to sell their special items on.

We want our vendors to be successful on site. In addition to selling on our site, we market the items through our social media channels. We push these items offline as well. We understand that starting an independent small business is not easy, so we do what we can to help our vendors to become successful on our platform.

3. To improve the way users shop online with mobile devices.

With our platform, our next step it is add an augmented reality application to go along with the marketplace. We want our customers to get a better view and feel of the items on our site. For example, we want to have a 3D their desired art, or desired yoga pants. Giving our users this experience will only add value for the customers interested in buying products.


Here at SportsWatcherss, we want to be as helpful to the online sports community as we can.




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The impact of sports design

Two words: Sports Design. We see them on Instagram, Facebook, everywhere on social media honestly. Sports Edits of many players are made by graphic designers all around the world. Graphic designs have become so popular that even some professional teams have created art pages. Teams such as Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors have art pages due to the major popularity of the graphic edits.

Screenshot_2018-03-29-11-49-58         Screenshot_2018-03-29-11-49-39

People make names for themselves because of their edits. Some edit pages become very popular because users may like the style that a designer uses. In addition, some edits include players that have on a different team’s jersey, which creates hypothetical scenarios for fans to debate.


With the new wave on social media, even companies such as Champs and BleacheRreport are hiring popular designers to design post for them. While sports design may seem like a “trend”, it’s probably not going away anytime soon.