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Why did I create SportsWatcherss?

SportsWatcherss is something that I would’ve never dreamed of starting. But like anything in life, nothing stays the same forever.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, I grew up quickly falling in with sports, especially basketball and football. I was able to play throughout my youth, all the way through high school. Although I had the dream to take sports all the way up to the highest level, I was in love with sports games equally as much. Each fall I would purchase the newest Madden, NBA Live (which was better than 2K at that time), and NCAA Football. As I grew older, my curiosity grew as to how the game was made? How are players created? How are they able to move? What triggers the computer to move whenever I move a player? That sparked my interest in technology. Growing up, I decided my backup plan would be to become a computer animator for EA Sports.

As life continued to take place, I knew that my heart was and still is into sports and technology. With that being said, I have passion to make a positive impact while blending these two passions of mine together. After much thought, I decided to mix them all by creating SportsWatcherss.

I made SportsWatcherss a sports store that allows small businesses to sell their items on purpose. I really want to make a positive impact on people’s lives and one of the ways that can be done is by helping others succeed with their products. There are so many awesome sports items online, but no central place where people can go to look for them. While there may be large marketplaces that people can sell on, there’s not a single website  that’s committed to seeing sports related items made for and by people with the love for sports. This is why SportsWatcherss came about: to create a place where there are passionate people can sell and buy from with the love of sports.

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NBA Award Predictions

As the regular season winds down, it’s time to predict the NBA regular season awards. Here are our predictions:

Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons

While the race has mainly been between Simmons and Mitchel (along with Jayson Tatum and Lauri Markkanen), we believe the late season push by Simmons has separated him from the pack. Averaging a triple-double during their 14-game win streak, Simmons has proven to be a great rookie and a future all-star.

Most Valuable Player: James Harden

The time has finally come for Harden to win this award. He’s finished top 5 in MVP voting the past 3 – 4 years, and it seems to have motivated him to only get better. This year, he’s been the best player on the best team record wise. Although LeBron James has been nothing short of spectacular, we believe this will be James’ time.

Defensive Player of the Year: Rudy Gobert

Rudy has done it before and can do it again. Being one of the biggest defensive forces in the league night in and night out, we see him winning this award again.

Sixth Man of the Year: Lou Williams

Williams has had one heck of a year. Averaging a career high 22 ppg and just over 5 assist while coming off the bench, this is a no brainer.

Most Improved Player of the Year: Victor Oladipo

No one saw this one coming before the start of the season. Oladipo improved his game tremendously. Hitting career highs in ppg, assist, and rebounds, Oladipo proved he can be the lead man on a winning team. In addition, he lead the league in steals, averaging 2.5 steals per game.

Coach of the Year: Dwane Casey

Toronto has had great regular seasons the past few years, and Dwane Casey is one of the reasons why. He has the best scoring bench in the league, which has helped Toronto earn the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. With the depth that they have, look for Toronto to make a deep run in the playoffs.



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What is SportsWatcherss?


What is SportsWatcherss? What’s the purpose of it?Well, let me give you a quick explanation of what SportsWatcherss is. SportsWatcherss is online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell sports items. The main categories on our site is: sports art, sports clothing, and sports equipment/technology. Based in Miami, FL, SportsWatcherss is built very similar to the likes of eBay or Amazon.


SportsWatcherss was created to accomplish a number of things: 1) create a platform that consumers can find a collection of sports items that they would not find anywhere else. 2) Create a platform that independent sports vendors to have a website to sell their special items on. 3) To improve the way users shop online with mobile devices.

  1. Creating a platform that consumers can find a collection of sports items that they would not find anywhere else.

SportsWatcherss provides consumers with a collection of items that was made to provide users stuff they would not have seen. We have things from art of legendary athletes such as Ken Griffey Jr and Emmitt Smith, all the way to products to keep your head cool. As a company our goal is to be the first place people think about when they are looking for special sports items. Wether it be for birthdays, anniversaries, or just adding to their lives, every item that our vendors sell is intended to benefit the lives of our customers.

2. Create a platform that independent sports vendors to have a website to sell their special items on.

We want our vendors to be successful on site. In addition to selling on our site, we market the items through our social media channels. We push these items offline as well. We understand that starting an independent small business is not easy, so we do what we can to help our vendors to become successful on our platform.

3. To improve the way users shop online with mobile devices.

With our platform, our next step it is add an augmented reality application to go along with the marketplace. We want our customers to get a better view and feel of the items on our site. For example, we want to have a 3D their desired art, or desired yoga pants. Giving our users this experience will only add value for the customers interested in buying products.


Here at SportsWatcherss, we want to be as helpful to the online sports community as we can.




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The impact of sports design

Two words: Sports Design. We see them on Instagram, Facebook, everywhere on social media honestly. Sports Edits of many players are made by graphic designers all around the world. Graphic designs have become so popular that even some professional teams have created art pages. Teams such as Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors have art pages due to the major popularity of the graphic edits.

Screenshot_2018-03-29-11-49-58         Screenshot_2018-03-29-11-49-39

People make names for themselves because of their edits. Some edit pages become very popular because users may like the style that a designer uses. In addition, some edits include players that have on a different team’s jersey, which creates hypothetical scenarios for fans to debate.


With the new wave on social media, even companies such as Champs and BleacheRreport are hiring popular designers to design post for them. While sports design may seem like a “trend”, it’s probably not going away anytime soon.


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Purdue University Engineers working on making brace for Isaac Haas!

This past weekend, the Purdue Boilermakers advanced to the Sweet 16 in the Men’s March Madness tournament. With that being said, they lost one of their best players in Isaac Haas. Haas is a 7’2 290 ILB center who has been key for Purdue this year, averaging nearly 15 points per game to go along with 6 rebounds. Haas suffered a fractured elbow injury, which normally wouldn’t allow anyone to play for at least a few months. Purdue engineers are working to change that.

Engineers from the school are working this week to develop a brace for Haas’ elbow that will allow him to play without causing too much additional damage to his elbow. The NCAA will allow for the school to make one as long as it’s deemed “acceptable” by their standards. Will the engineers be able to accomplish in time for this Friday’s game? What will the brace look like? Only time will tell.

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Biggest upsets thus far.

March Madness is here now! And as most of our brackets are busted, we should learn this one lesson: expect the unexpected. Here are a few of the biggest upsets:

13th seeded Buffalo defeats 4th seeded Arizona:

This one came as an early shock. Arizona came in having one of the most talented teams in the tournament, in which many people believed that Arizona was seeded too low. With 2 or 3 NBA type talents, it was amazing to see this defeat. With that being said, Buffalo simply out hustled Arizona. They went after every loose ball, every rebound, and simply played with more hunger and heart.

16th seeded UMBC defeats 1st seeded Virginia:

This is by far the biggest upset in tournament history. For the first time ever, a 16th seed beat a 1st seed. UMBC did it in a amazing fashion, defeating Virginia by 20 pointa. Similar to the Buffalo/Arizona game, UMBC outworked Virigina. In addition to the hustle, UMBC hit over 10 3’s in the game. Can’t wait to see what’s next!



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March Madness is here!

March Madness / SportsWatcherss

This is the time that college basketball fans have been waiting for: March Madness! While conference tournaments are taking place, rankings for the big dance are being decided upon. The NCAA basketball tournament consist of 68 teams. After the  First Four games are played that number dwindles down to 64. This single-elimination tournament consist of teams seeded between 1 – 16 in four different regions: South, East, Midwest, and West. With this year’s current top four ranked teams being Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, and Michigan State, they are expected to have the easiest road to the Final Four. With that being said, it only takes one loss to be out of the tournament. Let us know you think will win it all!



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Pizza Hut New NFL Sponsor


After a long relationship with Papa Johns, Pizza Hut has become the official pizza sponsor for the NFL. This deal was made less than 24 hours after the NFL decided to cut off their deal with Papa Johns. With that being said, Papa Johns says that “it’s shifting it’s market to focus on 22 of the league’s 32 teams on a team-by-team basis.” (via NY Post) In what was supposed to be an 11-year contract, the NFL cut the contract after Papa John’s ex CEO John Schnatter’s comments about the protest that occurred last year.

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NBA All-Star Saturday Night Predictions

Tonight will arguably be the most anticipated night during the NBA All-star weekend. Tonight’s events include: The Taco Bell Skills Challenge, the JBL Three-Point Contest, and the Verizon Slam Dunk contest.  Below are our predictions of tonight’s winners:

Taco Bell Skills Challenge Winner: Lauri Markkanen 

Markkanen has the skills to win this event, as this event has two important aspects: efficiency and time. Being a  rookie, we believe he will perform with something to prove.

JBL Three-Point Contest Winner: Wayne Ellington

In this star-studded contest, Ellington is not the first person that comes to mind with the likes of Klay Thompson, Eric Gordon, and Bradley Beal in the mix. However, Ellington is having a career year in points in which most of them come from 3’s. He has lit it up in multiple games this year, proving he is more than capable of winning this contest.

Verizon Slam Dunk contest Winner: Larry Nance Jr.

With Dennis Smith , Donavan Mitchell, and Victor Oladipo in the mix, this should make to be an interesting dunk contest. With that being said, we believe that Larry Nance has the highest bounce of the bunch which might give him the best chance to pull of some amazing dunks.


Here are our predictions, let us know what you think.




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Where to add your Sports Product

When starting out any business, it’s hard to know exactly which channels are best to sell  your product on. Thanks to the Internet, there are tons of options. But which ones are right for you? Let’s take a good look at a few different ideas:

Your Own Website

The most popular option and the most thought of option would be to create your own website. There are alot of good things that come with making your own website. You have control of everything from the look of it, to the prices of all of your items, even shipping fees. In addition, most other places that you can sell on additional fees that you won’t have to pay on your website. The tough part about owning your own website? Marketing. Marketing your own website is very difficult in the beginning. Outside of family and friends, potential customers may not be aware of your website. The challenge becomes how to get in front of customers who would have interest in purchasing your product. This is where most startup websites fail.

Social Media

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to sell on social media. Facebook has their own marketplace, and Instagram now has the option to sell on their site. This is beneficial if you already have a strong following on one of these platforms. You can easily let them know that you are selling something, and that will garner initial interest. The downside of selling on these platforms? Having the right interest on these sites. While you may have initial success with a strong following on social media, in order to grow, your product  has to get into the right view of people that are interested. While this may be better to do on platforms such as Instagram, it’s still a difficult task.

Major Marketplaces

Selling on a marketplace has become increasingly common as well. There is good reason why this is the case. Selling on marketplaces are easier than ever. They don’t take very long to do, and they are relatively easy to manage. You simply upload your products, and when someone makes an order, you get notified and paid once the order is complete. In addition, when you sell your products on large marketplaces, people tend to trust it more because they are familiar with some of the marketplaces already. The only major concern with large marketplaces is the fact that they host so many items that it might be difficult to stand out. You are not only competition for the attention against products within your industry, but also products outside of your industry.

Niche Marketplaces

With the number of marketplaces increasing, it’s becoming easier for people to find marketplaces that cater to particular industries. This helps sellers because buyers on that marketplace are already potential customers, as they go to that website looking for similar things that you would sell. Whether you are just starting up, or you’re looking for another channel to sell your products on, niche marketplaces are ideal to consider. Here at SportsWatcherss, we offer the benefit of bringing in an ideal target market for sellers because users on our site are looking for sports products.

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And then there were two…

After a close victory, the New England Patriots come back from being down 14-3 to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20. Tom Brady did what he normally does, and led the Pats to scoring 14 points in the 4th quarter.

For the NFC, the Eagles easily took care of buisness as they went on to win by 31 points. The Eagles defense looked very good, and Nick Foles threw for 3 touchdowns. They were clearly the better team in this contest.


These two past matchups setup for what should be an interesting SuperBowl LII. The Pats will seek to win back to back championships, and the Eagles will look to win since the last time they were in the Superbowl; and that lost came to the Patriots. This matchup will contain a great defense and an explosive offense in Philly, facing a solid defense and a Tom Brady led offense where as we learned from last year: never count the Pats out.


How the Pats can win:

Control the game offensively. Don’t do anything different. Run the ball effectively and use alot of play action to keep the Eagles defense on their toes. Time of possession will be an important factor, especially if the game is close in the 4th quarter. If the Pats do these things, they can definitely win.

How the Eagles can win:

They must win the line of scrimmage. This is a battle they must win on both sides of the ball. If not, big bad plays are bound to happen. They also must win the time of possession. The longer Brady is off the field , the more effective he is. They must score at least 30 points. I believe that if they reach 30, they will have a much better chance against the Pats. They will want to avoid a low scoring game if possible.

Who do you guys think will win? Let us know.




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Sports Art Article


One of the most growing and undercover industries is the sports art industry. This industry offers a plethora of talented individuals creating tons of great art. Most of the art pieces are based off of sports fan’s favorite players and teams. On Instagram alone, the hashtag has over #34,000 posts to this date. Here are a few examples:


LeBron James art.
Damian Lillard art (via Aaron the Artist)
Juice. (via tycalitriart)
Emmitt Smith ( via Ken Karl Sports Art)
Cyclist (via Heather Blanton Fine Art)


As you can see, sports art is something that is quickly on the rise. Look for some of the pieces to be available for sale next month.