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Why did I create SportsWatcherss?

SportsWatcherss is something that I would’ve never dreamed of starting. But like anything in life, nothing stays the same forever.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, I grew up quickly falling in with sports, especially basketball and football. I was able to play throughout my youth, all the way through high school. Although I had the dream to take sports all the way up to the highest level, I was in love with sports games equally as much. Each fall I would purchase the newest Madden, NBA Live (which was better than 2K at that time), and NCAA Football. As I grew older, my curiosity grew as to how the game was made? How are players created? How are they able to move? What triggers the computer to move whenever I move a player? That sparked my interest in technology. Growing up, I decided my backup plan would be to become a computer animator for EA Sports.

As life continued to take place, I knew that my heart was and still is into sports and technology. With that being said, I have passion to make a positive impact while blending these two passions of mine together. After much thought, I decided to mix them all by creating SportsWatcherss.

I made SportsWatcherss a sports store that allows small businesses to sell their items on purpose. I really want to make a positive impact on people’s lives and one of the ways that can be done is by helping others succeed with their products. There are so many awesome sports items online, but no central place where people can go to look for them. While there may be large marketplaces that people can sell on, there’s not a single website  that’s committed to seeing sports related items made for and by people with the love for sports. This is why SportsWatcherss came about: to create a place where there are passionate people can sell and buy from with the love of sports.

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Let’s take a trip to the Portal

College football free agency is here! With this being the first year of the NCAA “transfer portal”, we have already seen players move from even the biggest and most successful schools this past year. We saw Jalen Hurts leave Alabama and go to Oklahoma. We’ve seen Kelly Bryant go from Clemson and head to Mizzou. Jacob Eason moved from Georgia to head to Washington.

So how long will this last? How will the NCAA change the rules after this year? Well thus far, the portal seems like a great asset for the players because they have the choice to transfer as many times as they want in order to find the right team for them. I’m sure as time goes on, the NCAA will change the rules to the limit the number of times a player can transfer throughout their career.

For the time being, let’s enjoy the portal!

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Ways to Conquer Your Fitness New Year Resoultion

Set small goals within the bigger picture.

If we could all get amazing bodies by going to the gym one or twice a year, we would do it! But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The key to reaching that amazing status is by setting small goals. You want to lose 30 by the summer? Set goals of losing 2 – 3lbs per week. Once you accomplish that goal, you’ll be happy. After accomplishing that goal after a few weeks, it will become a routine to the point in which you won’t feel right if you don’t reach your weekly goal!

  • If you slip up, it’s okay. The key is to not give up!

This is where and most people give up. They typically start off strong, and then might reach a point where the put their goal on pause for a variety of reasons. A this point, most say “Well I can’t do it anymore” or “I give up”. If you keep going, you may actually reach your goals. Don’t be one of these people! Simply pick yourself up, and keep trying!

  • Implement a healthier diet.

The key to success with exercising is adjusting your diet. Your diet is almost as important as exercising itself. Having a good diet can help your body recover and improve it’s strength. Eating a good diet can help you lose weight, gain weight, or maintain it depending on what your goal is.

  • Celebrate the small wins!

Celebrate the small wins! If you reach your smaller goals, don’t be afraid to show yourself some appreciation! That helps with motivation, builds confidence, and brings a feeling of accomplishment.

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Should the College Football Playoffs expand to 8 Teams?

For the past 5 years, we have had the college football playoffs. These playoffs only consist of 4 teams. With that being said, should they go from 4 to 8 teams? Many, many people have this opinion. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of this system.


-More opportunities for other teams to win a championship.

Having 8 teams gives more teams a chance to win a championship. That gives teams who are currently on the border of getting in (this year Ohio State & Georgia) a chance to prove that they are the best team in the country. Without only 4 teams available, it seems that there is some type of controversy with the #4th and final spot. Moving from 4 to 8 teams help to eliminate this issue.

-More college football games.

If you love college football, why wouldn’t you love this?! More games equals more fun. With the playoff system expanding to 8 , we are more likely to see more exciting games


-More percentage of players getting injured and/or electing not play.

With more games comes the chance of more players getting injured. This could effect how the playoffs turn out depending on the players injured. With that being said, we see an upward trend of players electing not to play in order to risk injury for the NFL draft. We will see as time moves forward how players will approach these decisions.

-Less likely to be effective.

To be 100% honest, the college world is dominated by two teams: Alabama and Clemson. These two teams are simply better than everyone else based on talent and depth. There are two teams are kind of close: (Georgia and Oklahoma, and maybe Ohio State) can challenge the top two, but that’s about it. I’m not sure if expanding the playoff to 8 teams would really change the outcome that we have seen the past few years.

Andddd there you have it. Here are our pro’s and cons of expanding the college football playoffs. What do you guys think?

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Turner Launches NBA VR Application

(Story via: SportsPro)

With Virtual Reality booming this as time continues to move, the sports industry is looking for a way to grow with the technology. Turner is taking this step, offering games in virtual reality.

Intel and Turner sports have formed a multi-year partnership to bring virtual reality experience to users of the NBA on TNT app everywhere.  The VR experience includes seeing the game from multiple angles, including the stands and court-side. This app is available on both Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.  The app includes features such as live-game action and highlights. According to the executive vice president of corporate Partnership, “Intel has been a true partner as part of our multiyear collaboration, as we look to bring to bear some of the latest VR advancements to enhance the experience.”



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Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

yoga bands

Looking for last minute gifts? Here are a few tips:

  1. Shop Online.  Alot of online stores are offering 2-day shipping or some sort of fast delivery. Explore those options and see what wonderful deals you can find.
  2. Don’t hesitate to purchase electronic gift cards. They are downloadable and you could purchase them.
  3. Compare and look for deals. There are so many options to choose from between online stores and regular retail stores. See which deals you can find and go for them!

Last Tip: Hurry up and get to shopping!

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Sports Illustrated Names NCAA Football All-Americans

Yesterday, SI named their all-american teams. Here are the following players:

First Team:

QB: Kyler Murray, Oklahoma RB: Darrell Henderson, Memphis RB: Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin WR: Marquise Brown, Oklahoma WR: Jerry Jeudy, Alabama TE: Jace Sternberger, Texas A&M OT: Andrew Thomas, Georgia OT: Jonah Williams, Alabama G: Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin G: Dru Samia, Oklahoma C: Michael Jordan, Ohio State,


DL: Clelin Ferrell, Clemson DL: Quinnen Williams, Alabama DL: Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame DL: Sutton Smith, Northern Illinois LB: Josh Allen, Kentucky LB: Devin White, LSU LB: Devin Bush, Michigan CB: Deandre Baker, Georgia CB: Julian Love, Notre Dame S: Grant Delpit, LSU S: Deionte Thompson, Alabama

Special Teams:

K: Andre Szmyt, Syracuse P: Braden Mann, Texas A&M All-Purpose: Rondale Moore, Purdue Returner: Greg Dortch, Wake Forest 


Second Team:

QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama; RB Travis Etienne, Clemson; RB Alexander Mattison, Boise State; WR Andy Isabella, UMass; WR Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State; TE Alize Mack, Notre Dame; OT Andre Dillard, Washington State; OT Dalton Risner, Kansas State; G Terrone Prescod, NC State; G Bunchy Stallings, Kentucky; C Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama.

DL Ed Oliver, Houston; DL Jachai Polite, Florida; DL Montez Sweat, Mississippi State; DL Gerald Willis, Miami; LB Joe Dineen Jr., Kansas; LB Benn Burr-Kirven, Washington; LB Jordan Kunaszyk, Cal; CB Hamp Cheevers, Boston College; CB Byron Murphy, Washington; S Taylor Rapp, Washington; S Johnathan Abram, Mississippi State.

Special Teams:

K Cole Tracy, LSU; P Will Hart, Michigan; All-Purpose Darrell Henderson, Memphis; Returner Mecole Hardman, Georgia.

Congratulations to all of the players selected!

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Finding the right sports items online for a gift.

Michael Jordan

Each and every year men, women, and children have to this a minimum of once a year: find a gift for someone they love. Whether it be for a birthday, graduation gift, or an anniversary, finding that unique and special sports gift could be difficult: especially if you don’t know much about sports.

What kind of gift should I buy?

When it comes to buying a sports gift when you’re not sure exactly what to buy can be difficult. When buying sports gifts, people tend to think about buying:

  • Jerseys
  • Tickets
  • Mugs

While these are good gifts to buy when you know what the person wants, but if not, a few questions could come to mind: Does this person like the color/size jersey I’m buying? Why are jerseys so expensive?Will this person really be interested in these tickets? Will they use this mug if I buy it? Do they like this team?

With these thoughts in mind, one item that you can be the perfect gift is: art. While I know it wasn’t the first idea to come to mind, here are a few reasons that art is a great gift give.

1) It’s Unique.

Art is something that is seen as unique, simply because in most cases you won’t see the same piece of art twice. This makes the product special and unique. In addition, it makes you look very thoughtful.

2) It’s special.

Getting a piece of art will be special for anyone. It’s an item that someone could hold onto for years and years. By getting a piece of art as a gift, it’s something that people will always remember.

3) It’s affordable (sometimes)

With art being so abstract, art can range from $2 – $2,000,000. On our site alone, there are pieces on sale for $40, and that goes up to $2750. With that being said, we are one of the few places that have a large amount of quality art within the $40 – 60.

If you’re ever looking for a special sports gift, you should consider purchasing art.

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Top 5 College Football Players

The Top 5 College Football players this year are (via

1. Ed Oliver DT, Houston

Having an estimated 50 tackles and 4.5 sacks last year while being double teamed, it’s easy to see why he is considered number 1. Oliver has been a force since his freshman year and looks to continue that this year.

2.Bryce Love RB, Standford

Last year, Bryce Love rush for over 2,000 yards. Yes, you read that right. While it may be hard to top that this year, he has a great chance to win Heisman with a remotely-close performance this year.

3.Will Grier QB, West Virgina

Grier was absolutely balling last year before he got hurt. With a strong group of receivers to throw to, look for him to ball out this year again as long as he stays healthy.

4.Christian Wilkins DT, Clemson

Wilkins could have arguably been a 1st rounder this past draft, but he chose to stay. Him and his counterpart Dexter Lawrence will be a terror to everyone they face.

5.Dexter Lawrence DT, Clemson

He is expected to reach to reach his peak this year which is a scary thing, as he has already produced big plays for the Tigers. If he can stay healthy for his junior year, looking for him to be a 1st round pick next year.

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Best Fantasy Draft WR to Draft

This is a close call: Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr. , and Antonio Brown are seemingly the best receivers in the league. From a statistical standpoint, we will do a quick review of the three and see which one to draft.

Julio Jones

Jones is simply a beast. He’s strong, fast, can jump, and doesn’t drop many balls. Jones has 5 seasons of over 1,400! That’s simply crazy. From a fantasy standpoint, that solid top notch contribution. With that being said: Does that make him the best receiver?

Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham is the darling receiver of the league. Easily potentially one of the best receivers to play the game when healthy. In his 3 seasons, he had at least over 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns. This makes his extremely valuable in fantasy due to the amount of touchdowns he produces and the yardage.

Antonio Brown

Brown is one of the quickest guys on the field every time he steps on it. He has the ability to create separation from anyone in the league. In his last 4 seasons, he’s had at least 1,280 yards and 9 touchdowns. Each of the last 5 years, he has had at least 100 receptions.


Who is the best?

From my experience of having Julio Jones and Antonio Brown, I will say this: Antonio Brown gives you a little more points due to touchdowns. I believe that Odell could produce the most points this year even though he’s coming off an injury. With that being said, Antonio Brown is the most consistent and best bet.

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Best Rookie to draft for Fantasy Football Series: WR

DJ Moore – Carolina Panthers

Our projected best rookie WR to draft for Fantasy football series is former Maryland receiver DJ Moore. The major reason we selected Moore is because of his opportunity to ball out and be an integral part of the Panthers’ team this year. With Kelvin Benjamin gone, the receiving core will look for others to step up. Outside of Futchess and Greg Olsen, Cam Newton will need others to step in order to create a dynamic passing game. With Moore’s ability to gain yards after the catch, he possesses big play potential which could make for some big weeks this year in fantasy.