Our Story

Born and raised in Miami, FL, I grew up quickly falling in love with sports, especially basketball and football. I was able to play throughout my youth, all the way through high school. Although I had the dream to take sports all the way up to the highest level, I was in love with technology just as much. As life continued to take place, I knew that my heart was and still is into sports and technology. With that being said, I have passion to make a positive impact while blending these two passions of mine together. After much research, I decided to mix these passions, thus forming SportsWatcherss.

SportsWatcherss  is a sports store that allows small businesses to sell their items on purpose. Here at SportsWatcherss we want to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and one of the ways we do that  is by helping others succeed in multiple ways. Before SportsWatcherss,  there are so many awesome sports items online, but no central place where people can go to look for them. While there may be large marketplaces that people can sell on, there’s not a website  that’s committed to seeing sports related items made for and by people with the love for sports. This is why we are here: to create a place where passionate people can sell and buy just for the  love of sports.


-Chris Nowell