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Ways to Conquer Your Fitness New Year Resoultion

Set small goals within the bigger picture.

If we could all get amazing bodies by going to the gym one or twice a year, we would do it! But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The key to reaching that amazing status is by setting small goals. You want to lose 30 by the summer? Set goals of losing 2 – 3lbs per week. Once you accomplish that goal, you’ll be happy. After accomplishing that goal after a few weeks, it will become a routine to the point in which you won’t feel right if you don’t reach your weekly goal!

  • If you slip up, it’s okay. The key is to not give up!

This is where and most people give up. They typically start off strong, and then might reach a point where the put their goal on pause for a variety of reasons. A this point, most say “Well I can’t do it anymore” or “I give up”. If you keep going, you may actually reach your goals. Don’t be one of these people! Simply pick yourself up, and keep trying!

  • Implement a healthier diet.

The key to success with exercising is adjusting your diet. Your diet is almost as important as exercising itself. Having a good diet can help your body recover and improve it’s strength. Eating a good diet can help you lose weight, gain weight, or maintain it depending on what your goal is.

  • Celebrate the small wins!

Celebrate the small wins! If you reach your smaller goals, don’t be afraid to show yourself some appreciation! That helps with motivation, builds confidence, and brings a feeling of accomplishment.

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