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Ken Karl – SportsWatcherss Artist

Jim Edmonds with the Cardinals
Earlier this week, we interviewed one of the most talented sellers here at SportsWatcherss; An artist by the name of Ken Karl. We asked Ken a few questions about his passion for art, the best and worst part of being an entrepreneur, and more.
For more information, read the interview below:
Q: So how did your business get started?

A: I have always loved sports and I have always loved art. At an early age, I loved drawing my favorite athletes as I followed their careers. The more I drew them, the better I tried to draw them. I took the next natural step sharing them with other sports fans. I set up a website and began posting my work on Instagram and Facebook.

Q: How did you know this was your passion? 

A: I have always loved to draw and I have always loved sports. Once I started drawing, I was always looking for new things to draw that interested me. Each piece I created, challenged me to create even more interesting artwork. To this day, I’m ready to start the next piece before I finish the one I am currently working on.

Q: What is the best part/worse part of being an entrepreneur?

A: The best part is that you get to make your own decisions on what you create. If I’m honest, you also get to collect the compensation for what you create. All those late hours are easier to grind away at when you know you get the entire check at the completion of the project. The WORST part is knowing you have a great project but you can’t figure out how to market and get it to the masses.

Q: What made you choose this profession over any other job?

A:  Choosing this profession was easy for me. I love to draw, period. I enjoy each and every piece I create. I enjoy all the challenges, good and bad, each project creates for me. I also enjoy the look in each customers eyes the moment they first see the final project. It is a great feeling creating something for someone else that helps them remember a special time, event, or person. The satisfaction I receive from this is priceless.

Q: Where do you see your business in 5 years?

A: To be honest, I try not to look too far ahead. That may not be the best business strategy  I know, but that is how I have to do it. The most difficult and frustrating part of all this, is how difficult it is to market my work to the right people. I just keep trying to grind as an artist day in and day out. I keep trying to create better art on every project. I feel that if I can keep concentrating on the process of creating better art on each every piece, the rest will take care of itself… at least I hope.

Q: What advice do you give to others wanting to do what you do?
A:  I’m not sure I am the best person to ask about this. If I had to tell them anything, I would tell them to stay with it. Keep grinding and believe in themselves, especially on the days when you wonder if your career will ever take off. Stay focused on creating better art and keep pushing yourself to create better artwork, each and every project.
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