PPV Outages Delayed the Mayweather-Mcgregor Fight; Still made a Boatload of Money

When looking online the day of the fight, I came across multiple different times for the fight. While most stated the fight would start as early as 9pm, the majority of the major websites suggested that the fight would start no later than 10:30. With that being said , the fight didn’t begin until nearly 12am eastern time. Why was this the case? The overflow of people purchasing the fight.

ufc 2.jpg
Common message for many as there was an outage before the fight. 

Servers broke down due to the amount of request they were receiving. Reportedly over 5 million ordered days, before the fight, and many more orders are to have believed to order hours before the fight. As for now, an estimated $650 million of pay per view orders were sold for this event. The exact numbers are to be determined.



may and mcc 2.jpg
Mayweather and Mcgregor after the fight

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