Sports & Technology: ANC Sports

In each and every major professional arena/stadium across the country, what is one thing that you see? Think about it for a minute, and you just may come up with:  huge LCD screen. Well, this gigantic screen is also known as a  signage. In the sports world, there is one major company that is responsible for the majority of these screens, and they are called: ANC Sports.

ANC_Sports 2.png
ANC Sports is a company that installs  signage solutions for “teams, leagues, and venues”. In addition to providing installation, ANC provides service and operation, as well as creating the content for organizations.   Using their own patented software, ANC Sports signage can be seen in over 200 sports complexes. These signages are present in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.  There are two main types of signages that ANC uses that cater to particular sports: the courtside signage and the field level signage.

Courtside Signage & Field-Level Signage
The “courtside signage” is in over 66% of the NBA.  These organizations have three options in which they can choose from: LED, DLP, and Rotational. Here is a chart that displays some of the major features that come with the three:

LED DLP Rotational
Real-time Stats Customizable Padding Ability to move all modules
Unlimited Crowd Prompts Seamless Connection from table to table Holds 18-20 advertisements
New Sponsor Inventory 50-inch display to 16:9 ratio 1 second rotation speed per banner
Portable Modules Full HD Resolution Custom built scores table
Waterproof/durable Modules Electronic Image Alignment Programmable schedules for automatic operation
Automatic Color and Brightness Balancing Low Production Cost

The Field Level Signages are using LED and Rotational , which is especially good for baseball and soccer. These are two sports in which rotation is heavily needed in order for the players and audience to all have the ability to see information simultaneously.

ANC Sports is the leader in the sports and technology industry when pertaining to display screens. Making an estimated 60 million dollars per year, (via Sports Business Journal) , ANC Sports is truly a company that impacts the technological world of sports.

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