Getting the Sports Experience from your Phone: Venue Next

Look out for the new app that’s taking over the game and concert world. After receiving funding from Twitter and a number of other companies, the app Venue Next is on the rise.

Last season, the app Venue Next was tested at Levi Stadium during the San Fransico 49ers season. To say the least, the app was so successful,  nearly half of the NFL is expected to implement the app within the next few years.

What is the purpose of the app?
The purpose of the app is to add an easier way to do many things within one stadium. Within the app, a few features have been added to enhance the stadium experience.

Ordering Food
Craving food , but don’t feel like leaving your seat? What if you’re really thirsty but the water guy just left your section? Well, using VenueNext  you can place an order and have it delivered to you.

While all stadiums have jumbo screens that show replays from time to time, with the VenueNext app, you can pick and choose which replay you want to see. Perfect idea for when leaving your seat and and heading to the bathroom.

Ticket Scanning
At Levi Stadium, the VenueNext application has the ability
food can be ordered , replay’s can be watched , your ticket can be scanned, and “a point-of-access” for merchandise throughout the stadium. VenueNext hopes to eventually incorporate their apps in every stadium across the nation.

Apps such as these are pushing the technological culture forward within sports, making life easier for every fan.

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