First discovered as a word on the  NBA shot clock, curiosity struck while I was attending a Miami Heat game. Above the numbers of the shot clock appeared one word: “Daktronics”. Never heard of that company before. What  exactly is Daktronics?


Born in 1968  at South Dakota State University, two professors by the name of Drs. Aelred Kurtenbach and Duane Sander founded the company. By 1971, the company created their first sports board. By 1994, they entered the stock market.  At the top of the sports technology industry, Daktronics is a company that is responsible for making LED signs.  From theme parks to local high schools , Daktronics products can be seen. Let’s take a closer look at how their products impact the sports world as we know it.

Being an electronic based company in this day and age, companies such as these can and will always find business. Daktronics have sold products in each of the following sports:  Aquatics , baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, lacrosse, motorsports, pari-mutuel, rodeo, rugby, soccer, squash, tennis, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling. In other words, almost every sport you can imagine.


Their biggest sports customers are the NBA. Teams such as the Heat, Hawks , Warriors, Bulls , Thunder and Mavericks use Daktronic’s services.

“Daktronics NBA Installations

11 of 29 NBA facilities have Daktronics integrated super systems.
19 of 29 NBA facilities have Daktronics scoring and/or display equipment.” (via darktronics.com)

According to Daktronics here’s the number of teams that use their products: As we can see, Daktronics has most products in most NBA teams. While Daktronics dominate in scoring/display equipment, companies like ANC Sports have managed to create competition for Daktronics in this field. With that being said, per systems do not hinder their success in the bigger picture at all.
From high schools to professional teams, Daktronics has made a name for themselves. In the fiscal year of 2015, Daktronics made a total of $616 million dollars in revenue. Not too bad for just a name atop of the shot clock.


“Daktronics  NHL Installations
18 of 30 NHL facilities have Daktronics integrated super systems.
23 of 30 NHL facilities have Daktronics scoring and/or display equipment.”(via darktronics.com)
IF you think their presence is large in the NBA, take a look at the stats for the NHL. Over 76% of NHL teams use Daktronics scoring equipment. It would be more difficult to make a list of teams that DON’T use Daktronics equipment.

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