Top 5 Basketball Players in the Game

Here have been debating for over the entire offseason about who the top 5 players in the league are. After much debate, we have come up with our list. Here are our top 5 players in the league:

5) Russell Westbrook

russell westbrook.jpeg

The triple-double machine is coming off of his best statistical season in his career, averaging 31.6 ppg, 10.7 rebounds, and 10.4 assist. Russ was clearly the best player in the regular season. While some may argue for James Harden having more wins and nearly the same stats, he did not finish with a triple-double. Russ is one of the first players in NBA History to accomplish such a feat, second only to Oscar Robinson. Russ may not have the best efficiency as a player, his relentless attack style of play puts him on our top 5 list. With Paul George as his running mate this upcoming season, the Thunder should be an even better sight to see.

4) Stephen Curry


The two-time MVP and now two time champ has little to nothing left to prove. While hosting the number 4 spot on our list, he is arguably the most influential player in the world. Young players all over are trying to add a deep range three point shot thanks to Chef Curry. He holds the record for most 3 pointers made in a season (broke this record multiple times), and has managed to constantly tame his ego in order to win. His ability to be a leader but humble has greatly benefited him and his counterparts. Curry was able to average 25.3ppg  and 6.6 assist while playing with 3 other perennial all-stars this past season. As Curry and the Warriors continue to roll, I wouldn’t expect a decline from Curry anytime soon.


3) Kawhi Leonard

kawhi leonard.jpeg

Jordan recently called this guy “the best two way player in the game”. The Claw, also known as Kawhi Leonard, has increased his play year in and year out. He has made his mark in the NBA beginning with his defense. He made his first real mark as one of the best in the 2014 when he led the Spurs to a championship, showing the world that he has great potential. Since then , Leonard has been the clear leader of the Spurs. He has increased his ppg each year he has been in the league, going from 16.5 to 25.5 in just two years. As he continues to get better, there is no telling what the future holds for Leonard.

2) Kevin Durant 


Many thought after joining the Warriors, Durant would slack off. However, on the biggest stage, Durant showed that he is big time and still put in the effort that matched that perfectly. Durant scored over 30 points in every game besides one. Durant’s defense was the biggest surprise this year. He seamlessly showed that he can play great defense when called upon in the Warriors’ defensive scheme. As time passes on, expect Durant to only fit in with the Warriors even better.

1) LeBron James

lebron james.jpg

Despite losing 2 out of his last 3 finals’ series, LeBron has been nothing short of amazing. Once again, James managed to put up multiple triple-double efforts, keeping each game close until the very end. That is just not an easy thing to do when you’re playing against 4 future hall of famers in their prime. LeBron has been to 7 straight finals, something that is unheard of these days.  While already at age 33, James still is the best and probably will be for a few more years. He keeps his body in tip top shape. Even with the potential departure of running mate Kyrie Irving, King James can not and will not be counted out.


How do you like our list? Agree? Disagree? Let us know. 


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