2 Main Reasons to Support Sports Art

When I first created the SportsWatcherss Instagram, I was looking for things to post about. I started off trying to post about regular sports videos, sports clothes, and whatever else I could find about sports. When I looked up “sports art”, I was amazed to find so many awesome artist that love sports as much as anyone else. These artist were able to share their passion and creative expression through their art. I got so inspired by the amazing art that I saw , that I had to give out as many shoutouts as possible in addition to hosting an art auction to show support these artist. Here are three reasons why you should support sports art

Sports art is not ordinary art. Most artist are decide to create sports illustrations, paintings, and other forms of art out of pure love of sports. They share the same passion as any other fan , and it’s imperative to show that their art actually means something. Art is not a secure profession or passion, so if it’s art that you like, it’s important to let the artist know. Even a simple compliment or like can go a long way in an artist mind. It helps them validate that what they are doing is something worth their time.

People earn a living off of it

There are artist that do it purely for fun ,and there are some that do it to make a living. The ones that do it for a living have made a choice to chase a sports-related career. This is important because as many of you know, outside of players and coaches, there aren’t too many secure sports job. If there is a fine piece of sports art that you like , don’t hesitate to inquire about it. There are many sports art pieces are affordable if you doing just a little bit of searching.

In conclusion, sports art is something  that has been around and will stay around. Show support for sports art! If you want to see some art, check out our Instagram page: @SportsWatcherss. Below are a few examples:



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